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SDC was founded in 2012 by our founder and CEO Daniel Gibhard, who recognized the need for and importance of quality training and development for individuals and businesses in South Africa. As SDC grew, it expanded into the SDC Group, and in 2019 SDC Consult was established to expand our services beyond training and development and into legal and business compliance.

Today, SDC Consult strives to provide the highest quality of service while taking our clients’ various needs into account. Our company recognizes that each client is unique and falls within a different industry within the South African economy, each offering a different framework of legislation to comply with. SDC Consult is committed to providing your company with top-tier Labour Law services; innovative solutions for COIDA and EMA requirements; valuable support with mandatory UIF registrations and most importantly, empowering your Skills Development portfolio and supporting the extensive administration around it.

We strive to guide and assist our clients to the best of our ability while always keeping the human aspect in mind, which is why We Are the Difference.

Providing the Best

Solutions in Legal &

Business Compliance.


Meet Our Experts.

Daniel Gibhard

CEO (Director)

Glen Kruger

General Manager (Director)

Charlene Roux

National Labour Department Manager (Director)

Mari Kruger

National Sales Manager

Gavin Scullard

Head Associate Liaison

Micheal Scullard

Senior Skills Development Facilitator

Cassandra Van Rooyen

Senior Training Officer



At the heart of our unique approach to conducting business lies a steadfast commitment to guiding and supporting our clients in a way that truly sets us apart. Our ultimate objective is to empower our clients to achieve success and maintain compliance, all while prioritizing the human aspect of our interactions. This is why we proudly proclaim that ‘We Are the Difference’ and unwaveringly dedicate ourselves to embodying this ethos in every aspect of our daily endeavors.



Our mission is to provide comprehensive legal compliance and business solutions that empower our clients to navigate complex regulatory landscapes with confidence and ease. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional expertise, innovative strategies, and unwavering support to ensure our clients’ success, fostering a culture of compliance, and enabling them to thrive in a constantly evolving business environment.